Kevin Toqe

If music is going to work well with just a voice and a guitar, it has to be something special. With his unique and soulful blend of folk/R&B, Kevin Toqe creates music that crosses stylistic boundaries, speaking to all ages without sacrificing depth. His meaningful lyrics are supplemented by a heavy groove; listeners often find themselves clapping along while contemplating their lives.

As a 34-year-old singer-songwriter growing up in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, Kevin didn't have to look far to find external inspiration, but over time though, the hunger for a grounded internal purpose became the focus. Eventually, he found a medium of communicating grace through song and verse that is still to this day a central expression for exploring a deep dependence on the love of Jesus.

Listeners of Kevin's first album, LOVE IS, will find a similar progression into his second, both lyrically and musically. Greater emphasis on rhythm and instrumental layers are often compared to the sounds of James Taylor and John Mayer.

Kevin says, "It's funny because I never really listened to James Taylor growing up, but when people say who I sound just like, he's by far the most common comparison. And I'll take that compliment. Having a unique sound is important, but I really the core of that uniqueness comes from the message I give voice to." With his sophomore effort, HOME IS, a similar feel as the first album was maintained while the engineering and mixing talents of Michael Burns add that extra polish.

With the release of the newest November 2013 album, WHAT'S DONE IS DONE, listeners will hear a concoction of Kevin's folk/R&B tastes come together with longtime friends and fellow artists collaborating to make an album of layered truth and sound. This new crowd-funded record also directly funds anti-human trafficking organization, IJM (International Justice Mission) with a $1 contribution per record sale. Go on and get the word out; with each WDID record sold, everyone wins!


Best Campaign Design Team for the WDID Crowd Funding Effort ($19k+ raised) - 2013

First runner up, Mississippi skinny jean pageant - 2011

Best New Shopping Plaza Artist - 2009

Recipient of the Best Used Car Award (1990 Honda Accord) - 2008

Best I-never-got-a-second-date-but-at-least-I-got-a Song ("East Coast Storm") - 2007

Least Likely To Ever Play The Euphonium Again...Ever - 1998

Most Likely To Have Never Seen Your Favorite Movie - 1998-present

Most Improved (Excel Basketball Camp) - 1994